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What made you want to be a part of Neighbo(u)r?

I wanted to document the space I live in. Not many people think much of Midwest America, but my neighborhood has an energy to it that’s in a bubble entirely it’s own.

What was the most challenging part of the project?

I shot this during my University’s last few weeks of semester. I was really tired and overworked, and so were the students I photographed. I gave the project my all and it ended up being a relaxing diversion from the academic worries.

What was the most rewarding part of the project?

Meeting the people around me was so nice. I finally connected houses to their occupants in the area. Some invited me in and we connected over similar living situations. The neighbo(u)r project made home feel more familiar.

Did this come easy to you, or did you find it difficult to approach strangers?

Approaching big groups of people on lawns and porches was a few steps outside my comfort zone. Those encounters turned out to be the coolest. I stayed around a few times long after I was done shooting.

Who did you take photos of, and why?

I took off on foot in my neighborhood named “East Campus” it’s directly connected to Mizzou. all the houses are big, old, and packed with students. I met a lot of them and tried to capture the surroundings into their photos.

Did you learn anything about yourself or others during the process?

the state of being strangers with these people melted so quickly, I showed up with a smile and friendliness and it seemed to really bring people together.

Did you make any new friends?

I did, people stop me now and ask about the photos. I think it made everyone stop and consider how good we have it here. -Ethan Cannon

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