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What made you want to be a part of Neighbo(u)r?

Neighbour as a word in itself is something that is (literally) close to home. And as a photographer who has strayed from taking photos of everything but my home I thought this would be a great opportunity to ground myself and look at people and places all too familiar in a new way

What was the most challenging part of the project?

The most challenging part of this project was getting people, not only who were available but who were actually comfortable having their picture taken. Many of my subjects have never stood in front of the camera before but I believe it created some authentic (although sometimes awkward) moments.

What was the most rewarding part of the project?

The most rewarding part of the project was that the people who agreed to be a part of it were just as excited about it as I was! They didn't really understand why I wanted to take photos of them at first but once they had overcome their nerves they found themselves caught up in the mysticism of expired film and really wanted to see the end result.

Did this come easy to you, or did you find it difficult to approach strangers?
Who did you take photos of, and why?

I decided to take photos of my friends old and new. Some I had lost touch with over the years while some I was still very close with. I wanted to capture what it was like growing up. Always being somewhat of an outsider I tended to bounce from one friend group to the next. I tried to convey the diversity of who I surrounded myself with into my images. You can live in the same town or suburb for most of your life and not realize how wonderfully different everyone is.

Did you learn anything about yourself or others during the process?

Taking photos of inexperienced subjects really forced me to be clear with my direction. It is difficult to direct something that doesn't look like it's staged. People with inexperience can be very rigid when given direction but this project helped me with my ability to develop a relationship with the subject and gain a level of trust and comfort that is need when capturing a photo of someone.

Did you make any new friends?

I did! I reconnected with some old ones and solidified some friendships that were just beginning.

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