Stone Stewart
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What made you want to be a part of Neighbo(u)r?

I've been following 823 for a while now, as a fan and supporter. I couldn't miss the opportunity to now be a contributor.

What was the most challenging part of the project?

You had 1 roll, 36 shots. Being confident and trusting that you captured an individual in just a few shots so that you can save shots for others was something that even by the end of the project I still had reservations about.

What was the most rewarding part of the project?

The people that populate our lives, our "neighbors", are easy to overlook. But to photograph them, meant I had to see them. To acknowledge them. For the duration of the project, I felt just a little bit more present with everyone. I try carrying that feeling with me currently too.

Did this come easy to you, or did you find it difficult to approach strangers?
Who did you take photos of, and why?

People of varying degrees of intimacy, but all that have touched my life in someway. From my 90+ year old grandmother, to the chef at the ramen shop near my office. Some I've known my whole life, some I met the day I took their photo. But presently, they're all people that cross my mind from time to time, and at least for the moment where I was in their presence, I crossed theirs too. To be mindful of their presence in my life and acknowledge them, I made sure to take their photograph.

Did you learn anything about yourself or others during the process?

I inherited the Leica I shot all the photos on from my father. The camera is almost as old as I am (still keep the original receipt in my camera bag). My father stopped using it long ago. He's gotten older himself and isn't able to see or experience the places I go to or the people I meet. And now that I've moved away from home to the other side of the globe, shooting with this camera is the closest I have to taking him along with me and sharing the people/places I photograph. This project made me realize that and I'm thankful for it.

Did you make any new friends?
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